Attention, Upgrading to a premium plan

Are you looking to attract more clients?

“Web presence is key to attracting clients”

Adds credibility

Our goal is to be the go to site for black hair related information

Having a web presence is only half of the equation, you need to get your message in front of the right client.

Black Hair Spot is a growing community.  If you get in now you are getting the discounted price and will grow along with our community

How does Black Hair Spot get you the right audience?

Our vision is to transform the black experience through hair by connecting people and redefining beauty.

Our member is your client

  • Our membership is focused on their hair journey.
  • We have a team of 10 writers producing quality content to bring your clients to our site
  • We are a growing community – grow with us.
  • We are not just another directory site.
  • We want our members to connect with quality salons where we both win.
  • Salon Listings are a small part of what we do.  We want to elevate the black experience. We are not in the listing business just to make money.  We want quality information for our members.
  • Advertising depends on the right people seeing your ad at the right time.  On other directory sites this is a crapshoot. On Black Hair Spot our members are your clients and they are on our site because we help them on their hair journey.

There are millions of searches every day on google for black hair services.  Through technical wizardry we get those searches to go to our site. Advertise with us and they will go from our site to your salon. – Nyssa Cromwell (Founder)


What does Black Hair Spot offer?

Black Hair Spot offers a range of features to provide you with an enhanced online presences

Our Features

  • Members can search for specific services
  • Allow members searching for a salon to send enquiries resulting in leads
  • One of the biggest drawback to reviews is negative reviews.  You can respond to reviews on BHS
  • Your site contains the hours you are open including an indication if you are currently open
  • Your online presence includes a list of services that you offer
  • Your online presence includes a photos to further show the quality of your service
  • You can quickly see all reviews left by clients
  • Analytic Reports on the number of times your listing was viewed, how often details were viewed
  • Text, photos, videos to make your business listing stand out to its fullest potential.
  • Add promotions and events
  • Black Hair Spot business listings look great on mobile
  • Advertorials can be created to further promote your business.  Advertorials will directly link with your business listing


Our Plans

One of our plans will work for you

Premium Listing Plan

$150 USD / Year


List of services

  • Create a gallery of images
  • Create video
  • Enter promotions and expiry
  • Business Hours
  • Receive email leads
  • Receive analytics reports
  • Read and respond to user reviews


Let’s Talk Value $$$

The value of a Black Hair Spot listing is obvious

Think of it this way; if, over the course of a year, you get one or two clients from Black Hair Spot you will have earned your money back.

We are less expensive than pure listing sites such as yellow pages. (Fraction of the cost)

We think Win – Win

Your members are your clients.  We want our members to connect with quality salons.  We are not a referral site that takes a cut from clients that come to your salon from Black Hair Spots. Once they become your client they are your client.  We win because we have connected one of our members with a quality salon. You win because you have a new paying client.


Absolutely Risk Free

We believe in the value you will receive by listing on Black Hair Spot

If you are not completely satisfied then we will refund 100% of your money, period.

Sure, there may be salon’s out there that take advantage of us, but those are not the salons that belong within our community.  We want quality salons that bring value to both our clients at to the black community in general.

Not only that, we will leave your listing on until the end of the month for your trouble



How many visitors does Black Hair Spot get?

Black Hair Spot gets 20,000 unique visitors a month and this is growing.

There are so many listing sites on the internet, how do I chose.

Those sites, like Black Hair Spot, where you win and the site ones are the ones you should do business with.  Each will have the others interest in mind and they can grow together.

I am not ready yet, can I upgrade later?

Yes, if you are unsure or this is your first foray into creating a web presence, start with claiming the basic listing and you can upgrade as you start to see the value.

Even if you don’t upgrade with us at this time we would love for you to become part of our community. Please follow us on Instagram or join us on Facebook to keep informed.