Slay with the Crochet Twists

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Everything you need to know about Crochet Twists

An all-you-need-guide to getting a fabulous crochet twist for the festive season - Black Hair Spot An all-you-need-guide to getting a fabulous crochet twist for the festive season

It is close to the end of the year and you know what that means – holiday time! But the cold and dry temperatures also mean that it’s the season for protective hairstyles.

If you’re looking to try something a little different, crochet twists might be the perfect style for you.

Slay with the Crochet

Crochet twists are a low maintenance hairstyle installed by adding extensions using a crochet needle on existing hair that is cornrowed. They are done without the use of sew-in and therefore cause less stress on the hairline and on the budget.

No one knows the origins of the hairstyle but historic records suggest that it has been around since the 16th century. It became popular in the Americas in the late 90’s and 2000s and has recently risen to prominence due to the strong natural hair movement.

Why should Crochet twists be your next hairstyle?

Crochet twists are just as easy to put in as they are to take out. You’ll never spend more than three hours in a chair installing them and never more than 30 minutes maintaining them.

Unlike weaves and lace fronts, there is no need to use thread, bonding glue, caps or other adhesives that can cause breakage, shedding or allergies. It is also kind to the pocket as fiber extensions are affordable. Expect to cough up between $29 and $50 for a six-pack and it is unlikely that you will pay north of $100 for everything (unless you live in Canada :).

How to rock the twists

There are many ways in which you can wear this hairstyle. It can be worn long, medium or short with low or high volume. There are different types of crochet twists, which include:

Jamaican Twists

Crochet twists - Black Hair Spot celebrity corner A cute Jamaican Twist that gives volume and pizzazz

Havana Twists


Naturalista MissKendrak rocking short red and black Havana twists - Black Hair Spot celebrity corner Naturalista MissKendrak rocking short red and black Havana twists

Jumbo Twists


protectivestyles Long Jumbo Twists with a touch of beads - Black Hair Spot celebrity corner Long Jumbo Twists with a touch of beads

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Senegalese Twist

kiitana crochet senegalese twists - one of our favorite YouTube naturalista's with a simple yet elegant Senegalese twist - - Black Hair Spot celebrity corner one of our favorite YouTube naturalista’s with a simple yet elegant Senegalese twist

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you install crochet twists at home?

It’s simple. You will need:

  • Six to seven packs of twists hair extensions (dependent on the type of twists you want to do and your head shape)
  • Hair crochet needle (find it on Amazon)
  • Tail comb
  •  Braid or fiber extensions
  • Scissors
  • Moisturizer and/or oil base
  •  Ensure that your hair is clean and moisturized before cornrowing.
  •  Cornrow hair to desired pattern – preferably a simple straight back pattern to make life simpler.
  •  Prepare fiber. You should use the same amount of hair for each crochet for evenness.
  • Start from the top or bottom of scalp. Slide the open latch needle into cornrow.
  • Place strand of fiber in the hook.
  •  Close latch and pull the needle through hair to the midway point of the fiber.
  • Take out needle and make a round loop with the fiber or braid
  •  Pull the tail of fiber through the loop, then twist the loop and pass through the tail
  • Secure the fiber by pulling the tail all the way to tighten.

If you want to show your popping edges, you can leave a little bit of your hair out. Ensure that the hair you leave out is taken care of, i.e., wash and condition regularly and moisturize and seal every day. Try using extensions similar to natural texture to have a unified look.

How long can I leave my crochet braids in?

It is recommended that crochet braids be kept in 4-8 weeks max.

How can I maintain my hair?

Maintenance is fairly easy in terms of day-to-day styling. However, washing is where things get tricky. Crochet twists make it difficult to get to the scalp, but there are ways in which you can clean your roots to prevent clogging and build up.

To wash, use a spray bottle with either watered down shampoo or apple cider vinegar. Gently massage your scalp. Then methodically rinse out the mixture in your hair. Also, co-wash the fiber hair and use products according to the texture of the extension.

Outside of washing, moisturize your cornrowed hair using leave-in conditioner and use either Aloe Vera or a light moisturizing mixture for the extension hair. At night, use a satin bonnet and if you have high volume hair, tie it up so that it can be covered.

For more advice on how to take care of your crochet twists, click here.

How do I remove crochet twists?

Removing your crochet twists depends on whether you want to keep the extensions or whether you want to reuse them.

If you want to reuse extensions, you must:

  •  Individually feel each braid to locate where the knot is
  •  Slowly slide the knot out using your finger
  •  Be careful with this process as improper removal can tangle your hair.

If you want to cut the extensions:

  •  Cut the extension close to the knot and be careful not to cut your own hair
  •  Take moisturizing conditioner and apply to hair. This will give your hair more slip and make it easier to remove the knots
  • After removing all the extensions, unravel your cornrows and the crochet knots should fall off as you do so.

Crochet twists are the perfect gift for your hair this festive season and will save you time, money and your precious hairline.

Tell us what you think about Crochet Twists and… share the magic with your friends.

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