Expert Opinion: An Argument Against DIY Protein Treatments

Guest Post by “Asha MacLeod is an award winning stylist and owner of Toronto’s Jazma Salon

I received a call from a brand of Greek Yogurt. The person on the phone told me that greek yogurt was all the rage in black hair. I said to him, “Good, but what is it really going to do?”

For protein to work it has to be hydrolyzed and then it has to be quatronized. Otherwise the protein is just laying on the surface.

Oils and silicones lubricate hair but there is no real benefit. If you’re looking for a benefit then proteins have to be put in to fill in the negative sites on the hair. That means that proteins are used to fill in the rips and tears on hair shafts.

But a protein can’t fill in the gaps in the hair walls unless the molecules are small enough to get in. The protein needs to go through an electrical process called quatronizing in order to be effective. The hair is negatively sited so you have to take the protein and give it a positive charge so that it binds to that negative site on the hair.

So when you break an egg on your head you are putting protein on your hair but it’s not going to bind or penetrate.

It’s pointless to me to do that – but I guess it doesn’t hurt! If you’re looking to repair and rebuild your hair then these do-it-yourself treatments are not the solution. It’s just going to wash right out in your next shampoo.

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Do DIY protein treatments seem to work on your hair?