Expert Opinion: The Best Way To Cut Curly Hair

Guest blog post from: “”Buster Berkely is a stylist and owner of Toronto’s Amorphous Salon

At Amorphous, we prefer to use the phrase “Shaping Hair” as opposed to “Cutting Hair”.

Our concept is that hair is shaped and not cut. Wet cutting has been the norm for years. I work with many different hair textures and have found after years of cutting curly hair both wet and dry, that better results are achieved when I cut curly hair dry. After consulting with the client we look at the texture, density, growth pattern and the curl pattern of the hair. We then discuss the desired style with the client and decide which style is best suited.

Often when clients come into the shop their hair is clean enough to style. We lightly straighten the hair shaft using a blow dryer. We make sure the hair is pliable and easy to control for making sections.

When we shape our clients’ hair we work around the head in a circular manner working with the balance points of the head. We then layer the hair using various degrees and elevations and seeing exactly how the hair is falls – dry. We then add texture to the shape by either removing volume by shaping the interior of the hair to remove bulk or by texturing the ends to spiral and intertwine with each other.

We finish up with alpha, beta, or gama blades. We try to ensure the client is left with a style that is easy to work with and stylish.

I love shaping curly hair dry. It brings me joy to see the shape falling in place while I work.

We look at the texture, density, growth pattern and the curl pattern of the hair #bhs Click To Tweet

Have you had your hair cut when dry?