What is The Big Chop

Truth is, long hair don’t care, but short haired naturals matter too! Recently, with everyone from celebrities to best friends opting to chop relaxed or natural hair off to start a new regimen, there are a lot of common misconceptions about the big chop. We’ve heard everything from warnings of “head shapes” to beliefs that the big chop makes natural hair grow faster. Total honesty: being natural is not a one size fits all occupation. There are many ways to be natural and fierce, but if you’re looking for a fresh start, or if you’re interested in beginning your natural hair journey, the big chop might just be for you.

This post explores the origins of the big chop natural hair method, if it’s meant for you, and a few methods to help you take the big plunge!

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Can I Go Natural Without Doing the Big Chop?

The big chop natural hair method refers to the process of cutting one’s hair to either begin or restart the process of chemical-free natural hair. If you’re like most, you probably received your first perm at a fairly early age. Reverting or transitioning natural hair can take a lot of time and TLC. Although both methods have a common goal of getting hair to its natural state, transitioning, or growing the permanent chemicals out of one’s hair, and the big chop are two completely different things. In short, yes. You can definitely go natural without doing the big chop. Here are some reasons people opt to chop it all off, though.

  • Big chop hairstyles can be empowering and a sign of new beginnings
  • Big chop natural hair can be healthier and easier to manage
  • Big chop hair has the opportunity to evenly grow out, and alter damaged curl patterns

Attention toward this method has amped up in the most recent years, thanks in part to celebs like Solange and Sanaa Lathan who big chopped for personal and professional reasons. If these women in the public spotlight can go bare, there’s nothing stopping you, girlfriend!

Sanaa Lathan shaved head


Does hair grow faster after the big chop?

Even before big chop hairstyles became mainstream, a lot of natural gurus looked to the big chop as a way to promote healthy, and faster growing natural hair. Although it is not proven to be a “quicker” alternative to transitioning, performing the big chop can definitely help you monitor growth easier. When transitioning, it can be hard to manage two different textures, and with difficult manageability, comes the desire to shortcut and rush through healthy hair growth. Remember, there is nothing more important than healthy and happy natural hair.

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Am I Ready for the Big Chop?

It can be a frightening baring it all, but honestly, if you’re known for trailblazing with bold and confident styles, you were probably born ready for a big chop. It will take getting used to, but after some time and some adjusting, pulling off cool and chic big chop hairstyles can be just as easy and painfree as pulling off protective transitioning styles. Here’s how to know if you’re ready for the big chop:

  • If you’ve noticed and want to be proactive about managing damaged natural hair
  • If you’re looking to try something new, or you want a fresh start to your natural hair routine
  • If you want to try short hairstyles or adding color to your curls.
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Are you a big chop naturalista? What factors led you to bare it all?

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