Janelle Monae: Creative Titan

Janelle Monae - Black Hair Spot celebrity corner


Recording artist Janelle Monae has long been known for her quirky, fun personality. Her music and style scream unconventional and for that we are grateful. With a fresh take on music and love for her natural tresses Monae has been an inspiration for every kind of black woman who  refuses to be placed in a box. From futuristic to wonderland-esque fashion choices, Monae gives us all what we never knew we wanted.

Take a look at some of Monae’s boundary-pushing hairstyles throughout the years:

Not in Kansas Anymore

JanelleMonae - Black Hair Spot celebrity corner


Nothing says unique like this whimsical pompadour worn here by Monae.  This playful yet classy look is great to do on your natural hair or with extensions.

Midas Touch

Janelle Monae - Black Hair Spot celebrity corner


Who says you can’t wrap a golden wire through a messy bun? Well if it’s never been done before you can be confident Monae is going to be the first to try it. We love this look because it challenges the notion that natural hair looks “unkempt” or “unsophisticated”. Monae sure isn’t afraid to let us all know that what we see is what we get when it comes to her wildly beautiful tresses.

We See You Boo

janelle monae - Black Hair Spot celebrity corner


And this is why we love Janelle Monae, as if we needed any other reason. Googly eyes on pom-poms with a side-swept bang-why not?