70 Made-For-My-Curliness Hair Memes

Now trending #prewashdayweek, during which you build up the energy you need to get through wash day. - Black Hair Spot
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I love that we can find the humor in our hair struggles.

I mean, all we ever really want is a little control over the outcome…is that too much to ask??

From battling the innate tendencies of our hair to the unpredictable, sometimes sudden, changes in our environment, black hair continues to exert its independence and fight us at every turn.

What’s a girl to do but express herself?

Check out these hair memes illustrating the good, the bad and the ugly.

Natural curl is naturally controversial.

Strength. Patience. Resilience. Creativity.

Necessary prerequisites for dealing with naturally curly hair.

 - Black Hair Spot


What part of naturally curly hair don’t you understand? At least our beautiful tresses are getting the attention they deserve. After all, didn’t it take hours to make it look this good?!!

 - Black Hair Spot


Hair confusion, step by step.

The definition of “It’s complicated.”

 - Black Hair Spot


Conspiracy theorists swear they left something out to mess with you.

 - Black Hair Spot

Pump up the volume…curly hair edition.

When “living the dream” means hoping against hope for a different outcome despite past experience.

 - Black Hair Spot


Let’s just say size matters in more than one category.

 - Black Hair Spot


Did they ever tell you there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing? They were wrong.

 - Black Hair Spot


On days like this, forget about shoulder-checking. Changing lanes is out of the question. #blackhair #impaireddriving

 - Black Hair Spothttp://www.thelolpost.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/fa988a53dc16b5f5bb98c11b2925235a-knitted-animals-curly-hair-problems-364×205.jpg

Are your edges beyond reason?

Good news, you didn’t give up. Bad news, you’re out of gel.

 - Black Hair Spot


Good news, you didn’t give up. Bad news, you’re out of gel. #bhs #curlyhairproblems Click To Tweet

If Allstate insured edges, they’d be paying out on claims for days.

 - Black Hair Spot


Doesn’t this always happen when there’s no one around to witness it.

 - Black Hair Spot


Curls in crisis.

Have you met my hair yet? It has a mind of it’s own and it’s not afraid to use it.

curly hair problem #886 your hair can magically tie itself into knots - Black Hair Spothttps://i.pinimg.com/736x/5d/9f/2c/5d9f2ca4123f0f48e29ac249c7aa5d12–naturally-curly-hair-tips.jpg

The problem: You don’t always get the ones you like.

curly hair is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you are going to get - Black Hair Spot


Black hair: often misunderstood but never overlooked.

Excuse me but that’s not frizzy. Count yourself lucky you got some volume out of it.

 - Black Hair Spothttps://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/2013-11/enhanced/webdr03/25/14/enhanced-buzz-10442-1385409367-1.jpg?downsize=715:*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

Non-curlies just don’t get it. All things are NOT created equal.

 - Black Hair Spothttps://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/I-Create-Comics-Based-On-Curly-Hair-Problems-59c25021774f5__880.jpg

Only if there’s a diffuser attached to it.

 - Black Hair Spot


Now you see it. Now you don’t. We’re not magic. We just have hidden talents.

 - Black Hair Spot


Moisture meltdowns.

Ch-ch-ch-chia…just add water and watch it grow.

 - Black Hair Spot


You can run but you can’t hide. Moisture’s gonna find you.

 - Black Hair Spot


Some say, “Don’t get it twisted.”

Twist and SHOUT. The Beatles sang about the frustration of this style before its time.

 - Black Hair Spot


When you reach that point of no return, tell yourself, “It’s meant to look like this.” Then pray you start a trend.

 - Black Hair Spot


The gamble for successful hair is high stakes, but addicts keep going back for more.

 - Black Hair Spot


The effects when time is not on your side.

After 8 hours of washing, drying, setting and styling, you’d sleep standing up if you could.

 - Black Hair Spot


Looking to go out? You’d best put your hair on notice or find some way to leave it behind.

 - Black Hair Spot


Interrupt beauty regimen at own risk. You’ve been warned.

 - Black Hair Spot


There is nothing quick about curly hair, except how quick it is to misbehave.

i'll just quickly jump in the shower and then leave: said no curly haired person ever - Black Hair Spothttps://i.pinimg.com/736x/67/09/45/6709451100384fa76f19ffb0273eddad–hair-sayings-curly-hair-quotes.jpg

Days like this have you calling every last number in your phone looking for a night out.

when your hair randomly decides to look good and you have nowhere to go - Black Hair Problem



Revealing the truth about black hair.

Forget length check. Try reality check.

 - Black Hair Spot


Each type of curl has it’s own set of instructions. One does not cancel out the other.

 - Black Hair Spot


Making the most of what you’re working with.

 - Black Hair Spot


From hidden treasure to boosted beauty.

 - Black Hair Spot


WARNING: Photo on label is not an accurate representation of contents.

girls stop editing your pics what if you go missing how do you expect us to find you - Black Hair Spot

Are you “touched in the head”?

There is NEVER an invitation to touch my hair. Trespassers beware!

dont you dare touch my hair - Black Hair Spot


There is no age limit to restricted access.

 - Black Hair Spothttps://pics.me.me/584051101432807424-Twitter.png

You know you’re serious about your hair when you pray for divine intervention.

 - Black Hair Spot


Contain yourself. The following illustration is merely a dream sequence and is not based in reality.

 - Black Hair Spothttps://i0.wp.com/www.klassykinks.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/23.jpg?w=646&h=629&crop

Relaxed or just plain contained?

When going straight gets misinterpreted as an act of conforming rather than a statement of style.

 - Black Hair Spothttps://i.pinimg.com/736x/f4/90/4f/f4904fcbcdb52852919796542fc3ffe5–curly-hair-memes-hair-jokes.jpg

Naturals be like…”Just say no.”

 - Black Hair Spot

Happiness is a perfectly round fro.

 - Black Hair Spot


You’d better notice. It took 4 hours to make this happen.

 - Black Hair Spot


Has your child confused taking a nap with having a relaxer?

relaxer? what is that? sis u dont even know - Black Hair Spothttps://i.pinimg.com/236x/1b/29/ce/1b29cee02973431f175e6276b4de4e6d–hair-meme-hair-humor.jpg

Ya, right. If time only stood still.

- Black Hair SPot


Getting hair help.

Ain’t nothing more important than the right do. Sleep in the stylist’s chair.

 - Black Hair Spot


After 20 years of getting braids, why does this always surprise you?

 - Black Hair Spot


Wash day whims.

Wash day is a way of life. Don’t let them convince you that it’s optional.

 - Black Hair Spot


Now trending #prewashdayweek, during which you build up the energy you need to get through wash day.

 - Black Hair Spot


Natural black hair should come with its own care label. “Addition of water most likely to cause shrinkage.”

 - Black Hair Spot


Not to be confused with unicorns and leprechauns.

 - Black Hair Spot


Getting the hair you want.

Black Hair Care = Control Issues! Ain’t nothing or nobody gonna dictate my hairstyle. Eyes wide open.

 - Black Hair Spot


Do you suffer from hair care amnesia? Call curly hair crisis hotline and be reminded what life was like pre-protective style.

 - Black Hair Spot


Don’t be brainwashed into thinking you don’t have choices.

 - Black Hair Spot


The trials of styling.

Brushing means bushy, full stop. So, just stop.


 - Black Hair Spot


How many broken brushes does it take to look like this?

 - Black Hair Spot


Beware…excessive detangling can cause pre-mature aging. She’s actually 36 in this picture.

 - Black Hair Spothttp://www.relatably.com/m/img/natural-hair-memes/natural-hair-detangle-meme.jpg

Achieve your very own platinum level badge at hair hide ‘n seek. You never know what treasures you may find.

 - Black Hair Spot


Evidence that your hair is alive. It eats hair pins for breakfast.

 - Black Hair Spot


Let nothing stand in the way of getting the style you want… - Black Hair Spot


Just like in childbirth, you forget the pain right after you see the results.

 - Black Hair Spot


Proceed with caution: Insert hands at own risk.

cool curly hair problem - Black Hair Spot


Arms defined by hair(s) crunches.

 - Black Hair Spothttps://blackhairinformation.com/hairstyle-gallery/lol/

Pokes at product use.

Built-in convenience for those who like to go without a purse. - Black Hair Spot


Some say “different” like it’s a bad thing. Redefine your different.

 - Black Hair Spot


A dime? That’s the change you get from the 10-quarter-sized amount you actually need.

 - Black Hair Spot


The hair race is like a marathon not a sprint. However, there’s always one more lap to go even after you cross the finish line. - Black Hair Spot


Mark your territory ladies or you may face your own crude oil crisis. - Black Hair Spothttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/58/1b/a8/581ba8e32dd2b18bc61d02d3138ff565.jpg

Curls are cool.

After looking at all the kinks and quirks of naturally curly hair, it’s important to end on a positive note. All things in life have a yin to their yang. It’s necessary to create balance.

Black hair stylists have been the most successful at turning perceived negatives into positives. The door has been swung open wide with style possibilities and trendsetting that has impacted the entire hair industry.

Celebrate the beauty of black hair. Nothing is more versatile and truly showcases our individuality.

 - Black Hair Spot


Loving yourself is loving your hair.

 - Black Hair Spot


Confidence means choosing your own way.

- Black Hair Spot


Because being yourself is way better than being like someone else.

yes i have curly hair, no i dont wish it was straight - Black Hair Spot




Celebrate your royalty. Wear your curls with pride. - Black Hair Spot


Love the hair you were born with. It’s your calling card. It was uniquely designed for you.

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