What are Eurasian Hair Extensions?

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If you’re ready to rock a new look and you’re considering hair extensions (we’ve already covered hair extensions – Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Indian) here’s the lowdown on Eurasian hair a new addition to the hair extension line up.

So, What Are Eurasian Hair Extensions you ask?

They’re a type of virgin Remy hair extension that is relatively new compared to the others. And, they’re becoming more and more popular among hair extensions that women are buying today.

As the name suggests, Eurasian virgin hair comes from women of a mixture of Asian and European descent.

Eurasian hair is definitely an attention-grabber and here’s why:

7 Eurasian hair facts you should know about

  1. Good Density – Eurasian hair has a similar density to Brazilian virgin hair.
  2. Fullness – Another important plus, Eurasian hair is known for its natural appearance and fullness, again, similar to Brazilian virgin hair.
  3. Distinctness – It’s texture and refined appearance distinguish it clearly from other virgin hair types.
  4. Processed Hair – Due to its texture which is more delicate compared to Brazilian virgin hair, Eurasian hair works very well with relaxed hair.
  5. Luster – Eurasian hair has low to medium luster, so not overly shiny.
  6. Blendability – One of the best qualities of Eurasian hair is that it blends very well with most types of natural hair.
  7. Manageability – Eurasian hair does not tangle or shed when cared for properly.

If you’re just joining the discussion on hair extensions, you may be interested in knowing that what we’re wearing as a hair extension today, is the brainchild of Christina Jenkins, the American hairdresser who invented it.

Types of Eurasian Virgin Hair Extensions

Eurasian hair extensions come in 11 types

Eurasian Deep Wave Hair Bundles – a natural-looking loose curl and wave pattern; can be straightened or worn wavy-curly.



Virgin Eurasian Kinky Curly Hair Bundles – soft and curly; recommended to be used in its natural curly pattern.


Virgin Eurasian Hair Loose Wave Hair Bundles – full, thick bundles; curly and soft, with a loose and natural-looking, deep curl pattern that easily straightens.


Eurasian Loose Curly Hair Bundles – can be textured straight; loose curl pattern curls when wet; curly, soft, natural-looking.


Eurasian Deep Curly Hair Bundles – tight, deep curls; adds the appearance of thickness and strength where needed.


Eurasian Natural Straight Hair Bundles – great for achieving those more controlled hairstyles e.g. a bob; very natural hair that slays well; great texture; can be curled using a wand, curlers or rollers.


Eurasian Natural Wave Hair Bundles – a slight change from natural wave hair; very versatile; produces a soft, slight “s” pattern; has a natural wave pattern that straightens very well; washing or wetting it causes a return to the natural wave pattern.


Eurasian Spring Curl Hair Bundles – for that girly look; produces a ringlet- type, cascading curl pattern; bouncy curls can be straightened to appear straight.


Virgin Eurasian Kinky Straight Hair Bundles – also great forgiving a straightened appearance to kinky hair that’s stylish, while retaining softness and texture.


Virgin Eurasian Straight Hair Bundles – great for bob or total-control hairstyles, yet still beautiful and soft; does not have any waves or curl – curls may be created using rollers, curlers or wands.


Virgin Eurasian Body Wave Hair Bundles – has a slight “s” pattern that becomes wavy when wet; one of the most sought-after types of Eurasian hair; very versatile when it comes to styling.

Eurasian hair extensions are soft and silky and there’s an extension type for every hair texture.


How To Install A Eurasian Weave

Eurasian virgin hair works with almost almost all hair types. Whether you choose Eurasian body wave, curly or natural, it’s important to install the hair extension properly. Check out this video on the right way to install your Eurasian weave.

From straight, kinky curl, or even spring curl, the natural appearance, lustre, texture, and curl pattern of Eurasian virgin hair makes styling easy and fun to experiment. You can draw some inspiration by checking out some of these looks that can be achieved with Eurasian virgin hair.

Eurasian Deep Wave – light-weight deep curls frame the face and shoulder; great for work – professional, yet stylish.


Eurasian Deep Curly – Tight-knit curls with great volume and density; definitely has the glamor factor.


Eurasian Kinky Curly – beautiful, kinky spirals and natural-looking curls for a look of youthful freshness


Eurasian Loose Wave – for that glamorous, model look; the result speaks for itself.


Eurasian Loose Curly – truly feminine; great choice when you want to achieve a soft, delicate look that hints at glamor



Eurasian Natural Straight – works well for the busy professional; good length; straight, natural, and practical.


Eurasian Straight – sleek and shiny length; ideal for the tall, sexy woman



Eurasian Natural Wave – Body and length combine in loose twirling waves for a youthful look; virgin hair can be dyed, so a great opportunity to go for bold.



Q & A About Eurasian Hair

Q: Is Eurasian hair good?

Eurasian hair is virgin hair, which means that it is very good quality. Compare it to Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian virgin remy hair extensions.

Q: What is Eurasian remy hair?

“Remy” is the characteristic of the hair in which the hair follicles all align in one single direction.

Q: What is Eurasian hair like?

Glamorous, sexy, natural-looking, and durable; this is how most women who have worn it, describe it.

Q: What’s the Eurasian hair texture like?

It’s thick, with a silky smooth look, making it an excellent choice for relaxed hair. With hair extensions, it’s important to match the extension to your natural hair texture.

Care & Styling Eurasian Hair

Eurasian hair is not a high maintenance hair extension. But it’s still important to take care of it. Washing and co-washing, as well as using a moisturizing oil, are the best ways to care for your hair. Use shampoos that don’t contain sulfates.

Treat your Eurasian hair extension as your own hair. Avoid applying excessive heat to your hair. Using hot tools too often can dry your hair, making it difficult for it to hold the style.

Be sure to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, to keep your hair soft and manageable.

Be sure to seal the wefts when installing the hair. This will prevent tangling and shedding.

Using gels and spray will help keep the curls intact. But to prevent buildup, don’t leave these in your hair for too long.

Don’t brush the hair when it’s wet because hair follicles are at their most vulnerable when wet.

Moisturizing with a little almond oil every week, is a good practice. Do this when the hair is wet, to make it easier for the oils to penetrate the cuticles.

Eurasian virgin hair might not be the most well known when it comes to hair extensions, but things are changing, as more and more women discover its unique qualities and value for price when compared to other virgin hair extensions.

For more info on how to care for your natural hair as well as your extensions, we encourage you to check out our Hairtalk blog.

Tell us about your hair extension experiences, especially if you’ve used Eurasian hair. Help us help others get to know and love their hair too. We’re here 24/7.

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