10 Hollywood Black Women and their Children

  1. Beyonce and Blue Ivy

    beyonce blue ivy wear matching floral dresses while vacationing in paris see the adorable pics ftr


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    Can anyone really be surprised that Queen B and her babe are first on our list? The first photo highlights Beyonce rocking blonde braids while Blue Ivy embraces her natural baby hair. In the second photo, Bey goes with one of her staple looks, long blonde ombre beach waves while Blue pulls off corn row braids so very adorably. In the third pic, Bey has brushed out her usually sleek locks to create a volumized edgy look while Blue rocks a baby fro. These two are the epitome of an unstoppable mother daughter duo.

  3. Halle Berry and daughter Nahla



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    Voted “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” in 2003 by People magazine, Halle Berry is certainly no stranger to the spotlight and her hair has been something of a controversy in moments of her life. Although Ms. Berry does have gorgeous natural curls, she often wears her hair straightened and for several years, wore her hair in an adorable, but initially debated pixie cut. Both her daughter Nahla and her son Maceo have been blessed with her natural curls and good looks! We love that Halle Berry wears the “classic Hollywood” straight beach waves look from time to time, and glad that it’s not her only look.

  4. Jada Pinkett Smith and daughter Willow and son Jaden

    Jada Pinkett Smith and Jaden SMith - Black Hair Spot


    Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow - Black Hair Spot


    Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow - Black Hair Spot


    We all know the Pinkett-Smith family and for good reason. This clan seems to reach all corners of Hollywood from hit-singles to acting in box office movies to playing on pro sports teams, they are everywhere. Daughter Willow and son Jaden seem to be the most outgoing and adventurous with their hairstyles while mama Jada plays it safe and dad (Will) and half brother (Trey) leave that spotlight to the others. Jada is often seen wearing slightly more sleek and sophisticated straightened styles while both Willow and Jaden seem to embrace an edgier  “more colour and height the better” mentality.

  5. Taraji P Henson and son Marcel

    Taraji P Henson and son - Black Hair Spot


    67th primetime emmy awards arrivals Taraji P Henson and son - Black Hair Spot


    Taraji P Henson and son - Black Hair Spot


    Beloved star of Empire, Taraji P. Henson is known for her edgy style and attitude but doesn’t seem to get noticed a ton for her hair. Generally she plays it fairly safe with her hairstyles  but always manages to keep her styles sleek and sexy. Taraji has one son Marcel Johnson who she seems to adore according to online interviews with the successful mama.

  6. Viola Davis and daughter Genesis

    Hollywood Actress Viola Davis and daughter - Black Hair Spot


    violadavisandgenesis Hollywood Actress Viola Davis and daughter - Black Hair Spot


    Hollywood Actress Viola Davis and daughter - Black Hair Spot


    These two are the SWEETEST mommy daughter duo! It’s clear from all the photos that Viola truly loves and cherishes her little girl named Genesis. It would seem that Viola keeps her daughter’s hair natural experimenting with little pony-puffs! While Viola has been known to embrace her natural twisted hair at times, she is often seen as well with a bob length weave either straight or curled.

  7. Diana Ross and daughter< Tracee Ellis Ross

    Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross - Black Hair Spot


    Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross - Black Hair Spot


    diana ross tracee ellis ross mockingjay part 1 premiere Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross - Black Hair Spot


    Wow to this mom and daughter pair. Just wow. Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross truly do have some of the best curls out there. Neither of these ladies have ever been afraid to let their curls go wild and crazy which is so amazing, they both know how to embrace their hair. Tracee especially has been seen sporting such a wide range of hairstyles that it’s hard to keep up, but with a mama like Diana Ross, it’s no surprise that Tracee wants to make her mark in Hollywood history!

  8. Whoopi Goldberg and daughter Alex

    Whoopi Goldberg and daughter Alex - Black Hair Spot


    Whoopi Goldberg and daughter Alex - Black Hair Spot


    Whoopi Goldberg and daughter Alex - Black Hair Spot


    Whoopi Goldberg, a comedy legend to many has always had a signature hairstyle… dreads. Dressed up or down, Whoopi stays true to her classic dreadlocks which have become a part of her staple image. Whoopi’s daughter Alex on the other hand tends to stick with her hair straightened and an occasional brushed out ringlet curl here and there.

  9. Lisa Bonet and daughter Zoe Kravitz

    Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz braids and dreads - Black Hair Spot


    Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz braids and dreads - Black Hair Spot


    Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz braids and dreads - Black Hair Spot


    Besides the fact that this mother daughter pair look eerily similar, wow are they beautiful! This breathtaking duo seem to have a similar style not only with their clothing but when it comes to their hair. Both Lisa and daughter Zoe tend to keep their locks very long and often going for a slightly “unkempt” edgy look. These ladies have often been seen with some variation on a classic braid or twist and seem to stay very natural with their colours. Although Lisa Bonet does have another daughter and one son, Zoe Kravitz definitely steals the spotlight and it’s not hard to see why!

  10. Jennifer Hudson and son David

    Jennifer Hudson and son David - Black Hair Spot


    Jennifer Hudson and son David - Black Hair Spot


    Jennifer Hudson and son David - Black Hair Spot


    Throughout Jennifer Hudson’s career she has managed to establish herself as one of THE Jennifers on the long list of Hollywood Jennifers. Not only is she extremely beautiful but she’s got talent and style! Jennifer never seems to get too attached to any specific hairstyle, it’s clear that she loves variety and is willing to try lots of new styles.  And, no matter what, she’s got her son David as her cutest accessory!

  11. Tyra Banks and son York

    super model Tyra Banks and son York - Black Hair Spot


    super model Tyra Banks and son York - Black Hair Spot


    Super model Tyra Banks with her Mother and son York - Black Hair Spot


    It’s no surprise that super model Tyra Banks has tried an endless number of different hair styles. This talented model and actress has always been very open with the fact that she wears a weave and we think that’s great! Almost a year ago now, Tyra welcomed baby son York into her life and with her genes, he’s sure to be a heartbreaker.