What is the Greenhouse Effect

Achieving one of the newest growth trends in the black hair community might be simpler than you’d imagine. The Greenhouse Effect, named after the popular hydration environments for tropical plants, promises hair growth without the addition of any chemicals, products, or expensive treatments. All you need is a thermal cap, some patience, and a little bit of body heat. But is all that glitters gold? Keep reading to learn more about where this fad came from and if the results are as good as they seem!

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Baggying Vs. Greenhouse Effect for Relaxed Hair

This is actually one of those hair trends that works just as well on relaxed hair as it does for naturals. The first question most people ask before trying the Greenhouse Effect is how is it any different from the Baggy Method. If you read our earlier post detailing that technique, you know baggying focuses on redirecting moisture to problem areas by isolation and application of product. The Greenhouse Effect method for hair growth does not encourage any additional hair products. All you need is the naturally occurring sebum secretion that happens when our skin gets warm and needs lubrication. If you’re still on the fence, The Greenhouse Effect is for you if:

  • You believe in all natural moisturization.
  • You definitely want growth, not just moisture.
  • You plan to leave the method in for a long period of time.

Although the jury is out on which method encourages more actual hair growth, The Greenhouse Effect method for hair growth is just that: a trend created to encourage and promote new growth. While it will moisturize hair in the process, if you’re looking to increase lubrication to the scalp or troubled ends, baggying might be more of a fit for you. Although, one can never go wrong with happy and well moisturized hair!

Does the Greenhouse Effect Really Work on Hair?

The downside to black hair trends is that none of them are one size fits all. While some may produce results for others, they might not be the right method for you. However, Greenhouse Effect hair touts some pretty hefty results, some based on theories rather than actual hard facts. Here are some of the ones that might yield possibility:

  • Sebum is thought to have hair growth results, but at the very least, it does moisturize.
  • Heat to the scalp increases blood circulation, therefore causing growth.
  • Sweat and steam serve as detoxifying agents in the greenhouse effect hair method.

While all of these sounds great, please do not attempt this method based solely on these theories. If you have tried similar steam driven effects on your hair and like the results, The Greenhouse Effect hair method might be one that is worthwhile. But in short, none of these have actually been proved true.

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How Does the Greenhouse Effect Work?

Trying the Greenhouse Effect is simple. First, on clean and preferably dry hair, place a self-heating thermal shower cap on. Then, section of 30 minutes to an overnight period where you can keep the cap on your head and not over exhaust yourself. This method requires no additional oils, just you, body heat, and the natural oils your body creates when you sweat. It is not recommended to use microwaveable caps, because overheating is a real health threat. Nothing is worth that, sista!

After you’re done sweating, allow hair to air dry, and style with low manipulation. You can do this a couple times a week, but make sure to monitor if any hair growth happens from week to week to see if the method is actually working for you. Make sure to stay hydrated while you’re greenhousing!

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Let’s get sweaty with the Greenhouse Hair Growth Method. Try it, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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