Jada Pinkett Smith: Timeless Style

1991 jada pinkett smith


Jada Pinkett Smith


Time has flown by since we first saw Jada Pinkett Smith light up the stage on a Different World or lead the most iconic bank heist in all of movie history (personally speaking). No matter the decade we can still count on this diva to serve us a mix of fresh stylspiration. Ffrom the technicolor flare of the 80’s to the sweet sophistication of the 2000’s Jada shows us that true beauty and class never go out of style.

1.   Pixie-licious

jada pinkett smith


This pixie cut is everything! We love how this cut frames Jada’s fine features. The layer of mystery created by the messy side-part bang also makes this entire look a win in our books.

2.  Dejavu



Jada recreates the classic 1930’s finger waves look here paying homage to this simple yet chic hair style.

3. Fashion Chameleon

jada pinkett smith


One thing we love about Jada is her fearlessness when it comes to changing up her look. These light and fluffy curls are very different from her normal straight and sleek look, but then again there’s nothing ordinary about this flawless style icon!