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Arisa Cox

Arisa Cox hair style review by Black Hair Spot What more can we say about it besides it’s big, bold and au naturel! This look is so reminiscent of the classic afro mixed with a touch of the trendy deep curl and a hue of brown tying all together. As a journalist and more recently, […]

Fefe Dobson

Fefe Dobson hair style review by Black Hair Spot The pixie cut, the cut of all cuts that most black women wouldn’t even consider. Fefe Dobson made the chop her own. This could have been bad but in this case the final look was worth the risk. This stylish cut is silky straight and chic, […]

Stacey McKenzie

Stacey McKenzie hair style review by Black Hair Spot It’s no secret that from generation to generation black women have adopted an obsession to relaxers and flat irons. For most of us, at one time or another we have attempted to essentially hide our “nappy” roots in fear of what people may think. Seeing as […]

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona hair style review by Black Hair Spot This week Grammy winning singer Melanie Fiona is our muse. Not too many would argue that her hair isn’t absolutely gorgeous – and it’s real. It’s often assumed that being a black women equates to having short lifeless hair, when in fact black women are blessed […]

Trey Anthony

Trey Anthony hair style review by Black Hair Spot This week Black Hair Spot is giving praise to the multi-talented Trey Anthony and her locks. Trey is a Canadian based playwright of “da Kink in my hair”, producer and writer. A quick Google image search of Trey will reveal that she regularly has her hair […]

Yasmine Warsame

Yasmine Warsame hair style review by Black Hair Spot Styling short hair at times can be limiting, if not difficult. Canadian – Somali model Yasmine Warsame has done her short hair justice with this fauxhawk. Having the sides slightly shorter than the top highlights her strong facial feature which exudes her natural beauty. We also […]

Former Governor General, Michaelle Jean

Former Governor General, Michaëlle Jean hair style review by Black Hair Spot When women make the decision to go natural it almost always begins with the overwhelming decision to make “the big chop”. Dependent on how short someone decides to cut their hair during this process, it’s the transitioning stage that women find most difficult […]

Jully Black

Canadian R&B singer – songwriter and actress – Jully Black hair style review by Black Hair Spot How absolutely gorgeous is this hairstyle? Triple threat Canadian songwriter, singer and perform Jully Black rocked this style while she rocked the runway at the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Heart Truth Fashion Show. We love this look because […]

Jen Holmes

Jen Holmes – On Natural Hair and Standing Out Hers is a story that many women can relate to, but few have had the courage to step out of. Jen has a confident voice, contagious laugh and a distinctive head of hair thanks to her Jamaican and English/ Scottish heritage. Born and raised in Edmonton, […]

Rebecca’s Journey to Acceptance

My journey with my hair has been a long one. As I think it is with many young African children. To me, the “black hair” struggle began the minute I was old enough to have my beloved momma twist my hair into braids and curls. I recall growing up around girls with light skin and […]

Why Finger Detangle Natural Hair?

When I was first told that finger detangling can be the healthiest and most organic way to get through the knots in my coil-prone and thick head of hair I was skeptical. I could not let go of the love/hate relationship with my ruthless hairbrush that got me through so many hard times–I mean my […]

Expert Opinion: The Best Way To Cut Curly Hair

Guest blog post from: “”Buster Berkely is a stylist and owner of Toronto’s Amorphous Salon“ At Amorphous, we prefer to use the phrase “Shaping Hair” as opposed to “Cutting Hair”. Our concept is that hair is shaped and not cut. Wet cutting has been the norm for years. I work with many different hair textures […]

The Bigger the Better

I’ve been pulling, pinning and brushing out the poof from the puff of my hair for as long as I can remember. When I was in grade school I unashamedly told my Mama that I needed her to use gel in it to hold everything down and ‘against my head.’ Mama laughed and replied, ‘Hun, […]

Natural Hair Essentials

One thing that I have learnt with trying to take care of my natural hair is that without my weapons of choice, I would be fighting a losing battle. I get asked a lot about my routine- most people think that it’s extremely difficult maintaining my hair. The truth is, its not too bad! My […]