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What are Malaysian Hair Extensions

What are Malaysian Hair Extensions and, when the ethnicity of hair matters We’ve walked you through Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair extensions. Now we’re back again talking to you about Malaysian human hair. You’ve read all of our articles on hair extensions yet still have lingering questions on how to distinguish between all of these types […]

What are Peruvian hair extensions

Is A Peruvian Weave Worth Trying? Nina: A never ending barrage… That’s all it is. People assume just because you’re black, you ought to know everything about black hair. But the reality is that there are many of us out there who are black. or have hair that acts black and we do want to […]

Natural Hair Movement – All You Need to Know

Photo Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8165602014/ Educate, situate, participate. What am I getting at? We live in times where many support or condemn based on hearsay, information and sometimes even misinformation. Yet more and more women are laying down the chemicals and perms and boldly embracing their hair in its natural state. They’re doing this with a determination […]

What are Brazilian Hair Extensions?

Your hair is rebelling and crying out for help. Ok, maybe this isn’t you, but you have over-permed and under-maintained your hair, to the point the tell-tale signs are showing – dullness, lackluster, brittle texture, and tangled, split ends. It might also just be that it’s time for change but you’re not ready yet for […]