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70 Made-For-My-Curliness Hair Memes

I love that we can find the humor in our hair struggles. I mean, all we ever really want is a little control over the outcome…is that too much to ask?? From battling the innate tendencies of our hair to the unpredictable, sometimes sudden, changes in our environment, black hair continues to exert its independence […]

What is Wash Day

Wash day today for attention-getting hair tomorrow Ahhhhhh wash day. The day we black women set aside to treat, clean and groom our locks. For some, the wash day ritual is a trip to the salon, where you gather with friends, discuss life’s challenges, and wait for your turn in the chair. For others, wash […]

FIA Hair Typing For Identifying Your Tresses

Of all the hair typing systems in use today, there’s one thing they all have in common. Four broad categories of curl pattern: straight wavy curly, and very curly or coily, also called kinky. There are three mainstream classification systems: the Andre Walker hair typing system the LOIS hair typing system, and the FIA hair […]