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9 Essential Steps for Maintaining Braids or Twists

Picture this: You wake up, get out of bed, and head to the kitchen to make yourself some breakfast. On your way to the fridge you glance out the window and…snow. You roll your eyes in slight annoyance. Time to protective style. Whether you are protecting your hair from the ever-changing Canadian climate, tired of […]

Portia Clark

Portia Clark – TV Personality Portia Clark is a mother, writer, and wife. She is a clever radio personality for CBC, the oldest broadcasting network in the nation, and a household name. Portia aptly divides her attention between her passion for public broadcasting and her deep love for her children. Portia’s beautiful children are 4 […]

Sintra Lewis

Put together. Stylist. Fit. Beautiful. Those are some of the words I would use to describe Sintra Lewis. For fourteen years, Sintra was a dedicated track and field athlete. Then one day she decided she was over the tomboy look. She started searching through various blogs online and suddenly found herself waist deep in clothes, […]

Krystle Dos Santos

#BHSHerStory, with Krystle Dos Santos – Krystle’s Branded Fro The air feels electric as Krystle Dos Santos winds down from the second-last song in her set. It’s only 10.30 on a Sunday morning and a horde of blues-lovers have gathered in the streets to dance away the afternoon. They are completely taken by her music. […]

Asha McLeod

Asha is an award winning hair stylist whose style work has graced the pages of Vogue, Essence, Passion, Modern Salon, American Salon, and Shop Talk. Asha’s story of how she opened her salon, Jazma Salon, is start studded and filled with obstacles. Check out the Jazma Salon Profile here I grew up in Trinidad and […]

Breaking News: I Know Nothing About My Hair

In my first year of university I went natural and became obsessed with black women’s hair. I watched all the youtube videos I possibly could and read all the articles I could find all online. I thought I knew something about black women’s hair. I knew I at least understood my hair. Then I spent […]

Lily Lynch

Lily connects with her roots – through her roots. A quick glance at Lily’s shining blue-green eyes, fair skin and light freckles does not tip you off about the shades of her history. But if you let your eyes wander to the delicate dirty blonde coils of her hair, you just might guess right. Lily […]

Jazma Salon Profile

Interview with Jazma Salon owner, Asha MacLeod Why did you open your salon? Read the #HerStory of why Asha MacLeod opened her award-winning salon here What keeps you motivated? Kids. Kids who are passionate about hair. When I teach young people about how hair grows out of the scalp. I love to teach them about […]

Amorphous Salon Profile

Interview with Amorphous Salon owner, Buster Berkely Why did you open your salon? I was in transit between New York and Toronto. I was styling hair in Brooklyn & Manhattan. I wanted to displace some of my creativity, inspire others, and to have a better life. I wanted a better life emotionally, creatively, and to […]

inHAIRitance Salon Profile

Interview with inHAIRitance Salon owner, Abisara Machold Why did you open your salon? I started inHAIRitance 2 years ago because I saw a great need. I moved to Montreal, Canada 4 years ago from Berlin, Germany. I was used to not finding good hair products but I was under the impression that in North America […]

My Heat Damage Diary

As much as I love my natural hair, sometimes I just feel like telling shrinkage to eat it and go back to straightening my hair. The problem is that for most curly haired women, regularly applying heat can be very damaging to our hair. When I was in my teens, every three months or so […]