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Your hair cuticle challenge: Look fly, not fly-away

The hair cuticle is your first line of defense, your last resort for moisture retention and your source of shine in your finished hairstyle. Not only does the cuticle protect the cortex from undue harm, it also works overtime regulating the passage of moisture into and out of it. The cortex is at the mercy […]

The sebaceous gland: Oil shortage or overdrive?

If you’ve ever experienced excessively dry, or possibly oily hair and scalp,  it’s more than likely the sebaceous gland played a part in it. Tasked with providing moisture and lubrication to our skin and hair, it holds the key to that healthy glow everyone raves about. While trying to achieve your own definition of balanced […]

Human hair follicle: Your hair growth factory

ATTENTION CONTROL FREAKS. You’ve cut. You’ve colored. You’ve curled. You’ve straightened. You’ve coaxed. And sometimes…you’ve even cried. There’s only one thing that has more control over your hair than you and that’s the follicle. Every defining feature of your hair originates from these micro-sized factories embedded in your skin. The human body is actually covered […]

Hair Anatomy 101: The Foundations of Human Hair

Have you ever had one of those days? You find yourself standing in front of the mirror, staring at the marvel that is your hair, asking yourself, “Why?” Why does my hair grow like that? Why are my curls so random? How did I ever end up with this color? Do your questions have questions? […]