Unraveled: All You Need to Know About Curl Definers

If there’s one thing girls with curly hair dream of, it’s hair that slays and curls that pop.

But as us natural girls know, our hair sometimes pops in the all the wrong places with frizz, split ends and annoying knots getting in the way.

For those days when your curly style could use some serious help, you may find it useful to reach for a curl defining cream, jelly or custard to help bring out your hair’s natural coily beauty.

These products can help define and manage the curls you already have making it a perfect way to appreciate your hair in its natural state. But before you go out frantically searching for products that will hopefully get you the curls you desire, we’ve taken some time to explain the basics of curl definers and what to look for when buying them.

Curl Definers Unraveled

Curl definers are products that help intensify your natural curl pattern, making curls bouncier and fuller. There are many curl defining products out there, but buying the right one depends on your hair’s type and needs. At the end of the day the best curl definers help you achieve the ultimate curly look while keeping hair moisturized and healthy.

What is the Difference Between Curl Defining Creams & Gels?

Thicker products such as creams and custards are great for moisturizing hair. For example, if you have thicker curls you may find custards more useful than gels. Because of their dense nature they provide a lot more coverage, congealing hair strands together in order to produce lush curls that stand out.

Curl defining gels or jelly are generally known for providing great hold. This means that hair stays in a defined curl pattern for longer. If you have looser type 3 curls, you will want to use a curl defining gel that won’t weigh down your hair. Many curlies like to use a combination of gels and creams for the added moisture.

The downside to using gel as a curl definer may seem pretty obvious. While keeping curls in place, defining gels can also make hair stiff to the touch. Not to mention the sea of flakes it can send cascading down your shoulder and back. If using a gel is the route you want to take when defining your curls look for products with zero alcohol and moisturizing ingredients like aloe to reduce dryness.

Do Curl Definers Help Protect My hair?

While we love letting our curls hang loose every once in awhile – constantly wearing a curly style may cause your hair to dry out and turn into a knotty mess, eventually leading to breakage. Twisting or braiding your hair over-night is a great way to keep your curls fresh while preventing damage. To refresh curls you can always add more curl defining products.

How Do I Know Which Curl Definer to Buy?

Finding the right curl definer is all about finding out what your hair needs to be its healthiest. Generally speaking a great curl definer contains these three things:

  1. Moisturizing Ingredients

    The best curl defining products are made with moisturizing ingredients that make your hair subtle and soft while creating defined curls. Look for ingredients such as coconut oil and avocado oil in your curl definer. These oils contain fatty acids that make them able to enter the hair shaft and retain moisture. Other ingredients such as aloe and shea butter, are also known for their moisturizing properties.

  2. Tight hold

    To lock your coils into ringlets of curly glory, you’ll need a product with great hold. Typically, finding the right hold means matching the thickness of the product to the thickness of your hair. If you have thick 4c hair for example, you might find it helpful to use a thicker custard or jelly with a denser texture than gel. Gel is useful for those with looser curl patterns.

  3. Controls frizz and fly-a-ways

    Anyone with curly hair knows the struggle of trying to keep strands in place. Curl definers are meant to take care of this problem by congealing hair together and reducing stray hair so curls can stand-out. But as we also know, not all products are created equal.

    When looking for a curl definer to tackle your frizzy hair, look for something designed to tackle the problem. For example, look for a product that has ‘frizz control’ in its title.

How Have Curl Definers Helped You?

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