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Black Hair Salon Profiles

Every month we profile top salons around the country that service black hair. Salon owners share their journey to success and their desires for the black hair industry.

Celebrity Hair Style Corner

  • Canadian- Somali model - Yasmine Warsame

    We love her curly fauxhawk style!

  • Grammy winning singer - Melanie Fiona

    Her hair is absolutely gorgeous - and it's real.

  • Comedian and Playwright - Trey Anthony

    She regularly has her hair in locks, which suit her well.

  • TV & Radio Host - Arisa Cox

    We absolutely love her style and hair colour!
    (Photo Source:

  • Singer - Fefe Dobson

    This stylish hair cut is silky straight and chic!
    (Photo Source:

  • Canadian Jamaican Model - Stacey McKenzie

    She has rocked her fabulously naturally textured hair.

  • Canadian R&B singer - songwriter and actress - Jully Black

    She it fun and chic

  • Former Governor General - Michaëlle Jean

    As a prominent Canadian political figure, she has sported her natural hair on numerous occasions.


  • Styling short hair at times can be limiting, if not difficult. Canadian - Somali model Yasmine Warsame has done her short hair justice with this fauxhawk. Having the sides slightly shorter than the top highlights her strong facial feature which exudes her natural beauty. We also love that she�s kept her hair curly and in its natural state rather than straight, which we typically see with many fauxhawk styles.

    Yasmine Warsame, by Shweat Gherezghier

  • This week Grammy winning singer Melanie Fiona is our muse. Not too many would argue that her hair isn't absolutely gorgeous - and it�s real. It's often assumed that being a black women equates to having short lifeless hair, when in fact black women are blessed with a vast variety of hair textures, lengths and colours. Melanie and her lushes locks are proof of just that and BHS appreciates them all.

    Melanie Fiona, by Shweat Gherezghier

  • This week Black Hair Spot is giving praise to the multi-talented Trey Anthony and her locks. Trey is a Canadian based playwright of "da Kink in my hair", producer and writer. A quick Google image search of Trey will reveal that she regularly has her hair in locks, which suit her well. Twists are great simply because they are a natural protective style and literally reduce your styling time to zero.

    Trey Anthony, by Shweat Gherezghier

  • What more can we say about it besides it's big, bold and au naturel! This look is so reminiscent of the classic afro mixed with a touch of the trendy deep curl and a hue of brown tying all together. As a journalist and more recently, host of Big Brother Canada, Arisa rocked her hair proudly in front of the nation quite well. If you've ever thought that big hair might get in between you and your career, you may just need to think again.

    Arisa Cox, by Shweat Gherezghier

  • The pixie cut, the cut of all cuts that most black women wouldn't even consider. Fefe Dobson made the chop her own. This could have been bad but in this case the final look was worth the risk. This stylish cut is silky straight and chic, yet it's rough around the edges and definitely stays true to her pop/punk rock roots.

    Fefe Dobson, by Shweat Gherezghier

  • It's no secret that from generation to generation black women have adopted an obsession to relaxers and flat irons. For most of us, at one time or another we have attempted to essentially hide our "nappy" roots in fear of what people may think. Seeing as there's recently been an increased interest in going natural we found it fitting to recognize Canadian Jamaican Model Stacey McKenzie. On numerous occasions Stacey has rocked her fabulously naturally textured hair, not only on the runway but on magazine covers and red carpet appearances.

    Stacey McKenzie, by Shweat Gherezghier

  • How absolutely gorgeous is this hairstyle? Triple threat Canadian songwriter, singer and perform Jully Black rocked this style while she rocked the runway at the Heart & Stroke Foundation�s Heart Truth Fashion Show. We love this look because not only is it fun and chic, but it�s also a great protective hairstyle. Whether you have the natural length or feel the need to add a bit, this is definitely a style that could minimize the amount of heat used when styling your hair. A quick wash followed by a quick blow dry and you could absolutely jazz up your hair in a big way.

    Jully Black, by Shweat Gherezghier

  • When women make the decision to go natural it almost always begins with the overwhelming decision to make �the big chop�. Dependent on how short someone decides to cut their hair during this process, it�s the transitioning stage that women find most difficult to deal with. You know, when your hair is so short and curly that it feels almost impossible to do anything exciting with it.

    Former Governor General, Michaëlle Jean, by Shweat Gherezghier

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